Recent publications of the Working Group 2

Recent publications of the Working Group 2 on Modelling and Control of Drinking Water Networks and Working Group 3 on Intelligent Monitoring, Control and Security of Critical Infrastructure Systems:
  • M.A. Brdys, M. Grochowski, T. Gminski, K. Konarczak, M. Drewa. Hierarchical predictive control of integrated wastewater treatment systems. Control Engineering Practice. Vol. 16, Issue 6, 2008, 751 – 767.
  • R. Piotrowski, M.A. Brdys, K. Konarczak, K. Duzinkiewicz, W. Chotkowski Hierarchical dissolved oxygen control for activated sludge processes. Control Engineering Practice, Vol. 16, Issue 1, 2008, 114-131.
  • Ruiyun Qi, Mietek A. Brdys. Stable indirect adaptive control based on discrete-time T-S fuzzy model. Fuzzy Sets and Systems., Vol. 159, Issue 8, April 2008, pp. 900-925. Theme: Fuzzy and Nonlinear Control
  • G. Ewald, W. Kurek, M.A. Brdys. Grid implementation of parallel multi-objective genetic algorithm for optimized allocation of chlorination stations in drinking water distribution systems: Chojnice case study. IEEE Trans. on System, Man and Cybernetics – Part C: Applications and Reviews, Vol. 38, No. 4, 2008, pp. 497 - 509.
  • K. Duzinkiewicz, M. A. Brdys, W. Kurek, R. Piotrowski. Genetic hybrid predictive controller for optimized dissolved oxygen tracking at lower control level. IEEE Trans. on Control System Technology (in press to appear in 2009).