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This Technical Committee fosters research in enterprise networking, interoperability and integration, in particular, enterprise networking reference architectures, enterprise engineering, enterprise modelling, knowledge representation, process modelling, and semantics. Aims are to identify theoretically sound and practically viable techniques for enterprise interoperability/integration, and modelling/architecture languages to support the adaptive enterprise systems. This includes includes interoperability and control of human and artificial systems. 

In particular the Technical Committee:

  • Investigates tools and methods supporting integration, interoperability for Collaborative Networked Enterprises
  • Investigates reference models, modelling methodologies, architectures and tools for enterprise networks design and implementation.
  • Investigates Integration of PLM systems in enterprises, PLM tools, methods and standards
  • investigates Middlewares for integration and interoperability of production processes. 
  • Investigates theories, models and tools to verify and validate enterprise models/architectures
  • Investigates methodologies and technologies for documenting and storing enterprise models enabling model reuse
  • Investigates ontology-based models and theories to facilitate business (ERP, SCM ...) to manufacturing (MES, SCE ...) applications interoperability.


WG Structure 

The Working Groups will be re-done by for the periode 2017-2020. Look out for more; follow us on twitter: