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Plone Help

Useful links for content managers and authors.
File PDF document IFAC Guide to the TC Website
A short step-by-step guide on registering to and using the IFAC TC Website.
Plone 2.5 User Manual
A User Manual for Plone content creators and managers. On-line version in HTML.
File PDF document Plone 2.5 User Manual (PDF)
Downloadable PDF version of the above manual
A user's guide to Plone
"A User's Guide to Plone" is available freely as a PDF file in multiple languages and for various versions of Plone. (download the Version for Plone 2.1 in english or german language)
LearnPlone is a website dedicated to non-technical users of Plone, who need to know how to update and manage their website.
File PDF document Events Sample PDF
This is an example for file uploads