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Barbara Aumann
Harald D. Albrecht
TC 1.1 Maintainer
TC 1.2 Chair Alexander Fradkov
Head of the Lab. "Control of Complex Systems", Institute for Problems of Mechanical Engineering, Russian Academy of Sciences,
TC 1.3 Maintainer - Mauro Franceschelli
e-mail: - Phone: +39 0706755773
TC 1.4 Maintainer
TC 1.5 Maintainer
TC 2.1 Maintainer
Luc Dugard Chair of the TC
TC 2.3 Maintainer
TC 2.4 Maintainer
TC 08
Focuses on modeling of systems affected by uncertainty and the development of computational techniques for analysis, optimal controller synthesis and implementation.
TC 3.1 Maintainer
TC 3.2 Maintainer
TC 3.3 Maintainer
TC 4.1 Maintainer
TC 4.2 Maintainer
TC 4.3 Maintainer
TC 4.4 Maintainer
TC 4.5 Maintainer
TC 5.1 Maintainer
TC 5.2 Maintainer
TC 5.3 Maintainer
TC 5.4 Maintainer
TC 6.1 Maintainer
TC 6.2 Maintainer
TC 6.3 Chair: Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. István Erlich
University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany ,
TC 6.4 Maintainer
TC 7.1 Maintainer
TC 7.3 - Aerospace
The website of TC7.3 is:
TC 7.4 Maintainer
TC 7.5 Maintainer
TC 8.1 Maintainer
TC 8.2 Maintainer
TC 8.3 Maintainer
TC 9.1 Maintainer
TC 9.2 Maintainer
TC 9.3. Developing Countries
The IFAC Technical Committee on Developing Countries is established under the Social Systems Technical Area so as to emphasize the dedication of the International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC) to social responsibility especially with respect to developing countries. Therefore, the main objective of this committee has always been to promote the development of control and automation and related control system topics in the developing countries. In that respect, this committee tries to make a positive impact to enhance the productivity, reliability and safety issues within the area of industrial processes and infrastructure systems via various activities. The most important and continuous activity within the main responsibility of TC 9.3 has been IFAC Workshop "Knowledge and Technology Transfer in Developing Countries", shortly DECOM-TT. The first of these so far annually organized workshops has been done in Pretoria, Republic of South Africa with name DECOM-TT 2000. This year, the Workshop DECOM-TT 2009 has been approved by IFAC and it will be organized by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology of Skopje, and take place near the lake of Ohrid, Macedonia on September 26-29. Your views and ideas about the current and future of the Technical Committee of Developing Countries and its associated activities are welcomed by the Committee. If you wish to join the Committee or to contact it, please send an e-mail. Ibrahim Eksin: eksin(at)
TC 9.4 Maintainer
TC 9.5 Maintainer