Digital Control of Dynamic Systems, 3rd edition

The previous publisher of the text by Franklin, Powell, and Workman, has stopped printing it and has returned the copyright to the authors, who have created the Ellis-Kagle Press to publish it. The book will be available by January 1, 2007 and has the ISBN #: 0-9791226-0-0; it will be available as a paperback and sell for $68. It will be well stocked for fast delivery at ( ) and possibly other websites as well. Tentatively, the price is set at $68. Many of the Addison-Wesley 3rd edition hardcover books are still available at a variety of websites, new and used, but be aware that many of those listings are for older editions of the book. The Ellis-Kagle Press printing of the 3rd edition has all known errors corrected and the latest web site information for downloading the associated Matlab files. Our website: will have the very latest details on how to purchase it and other information about the book.