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TC 4.5. Human Machine Systems

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The TC 4.5 considers all conditions where humans (individuals as well as groups) use, control or supervise tools, machines or technological systems. Fosters analysis, design, modeling and evaluation of HM-systems and includes:

  • decision making and cognitive processes,

  • modeling of human performance (reliability, mental load, predictability),

  • real and virtual environments,

  • design methodology,

  • task allocation-sharing and job design,

  • intelligent interfaces,

  • human operator support,

  • work organization,

  • selection and training criteria.

How to join


Please do one of the following in order to become a member of the TC 4.5:

  • Write a letter to the Secretariat, which will forward it to the Chair of TC 4.5.

  • Be nominated by a National Member Organization, with an informal letter of application that is sent to the Chair of the TC 4.5 via the Secretariat.

  • You can also contact directly the Chair of the TC 4.5 and the TC 4.5 members at IFAC events.


Individual involvement in IFAC


Anyone interested in Control Engineering may become an IFAC Affiliate. IFAC Affiliates receive the IFAC Newsletter free of charge. The Newsletter contains information about IFAC technical meetings as well as about other matters of interest to the control community. IFAC Affiliates will also receive Calls for Papers for technical meetings in their selected areas of interest and are entitled to a special rate for subscriptions to the IFAC Journals Automatica, Control Engineering Practice, Annuals Review in Control, Journal of Process Control, Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence.

You can register as an IFAC Affiliate using the on-line registration form.