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Many technical processes and products in the area of aerospace, mechanical and electrical engineering show an increasing integration of mechanics with electronics and information processing. This integration is between the components (hardware) and the information-driven functions (software), resulting in integrated systems called mechatronic systems.

Their development involves finding an optimal balance between the basic mechanical structure, sensor and actuator implementation, automatic digital information processing and overall control, and this synergy results in innovative solutions.

The scope of the TC covers the integrated design of mechanical parts with the embedded control system, and includes: Software Tools; Modelling; Identification and Control Methods; Hardware-in-the-loop Simulation; Man-Machine Interfaces; specific design methodologies. The scope also includes the application of mechatronic principles in a wide variety of areas, such as Vehicles (aircraft, automobiles, ships, spacecraft and trains), Engines, Medical Systems, Information Storage Systems, Precision Mechartonic Systems (Optical Systems, Machine Tools), Robots, and Micro-/Nano-systems. Examples of other focal points are Active Bearings, MEMS, Motion and Vibration Control, Smart Structures and Education for Mechatronic Systems.

September 8, 2005