Many processes and products involve integration of mechanics and electronics (hardware) with information processing (software), called mechatronic systems, and they exist in a broad range of industrial sectors such as aerospace, agriculture, consumer, energy, health care, manufacturing, mining, transportation, etc.  The signature of mechatronic systems is enabling or innovative solutions attributed to the synergistic integration of sensors, actuators, and real-time computing systems, algorithms for real-time estimation, decision and control are embedded.

The scope of the TC includes fundamental theory, design methodology, technical innovation, and advances in industrial and emerging applications.  Topics of interest include modelling, identification, control, sensing, actuation, and synergetic interdisciplinary and inter-domain design and system realization methodologies.   These topics are applied not only to a broad range of industrial sectors but also to basic scientific and applied research and development. For example, mechatronic systems contribute to the education and the technological advances in nano/micro/macro manufacturing, aero/space/ground/underwater powertrains and vehicles, energy systems, medical systems, telecommunications, space exploration, cyber-physical systems, Internet-of-Things, etc.