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International Federation of Automatic Control - Technical Committees

Through its Technical Committees the IFAC spans the entire breadth and depth of both theory and application of control systems and system identification. The Technical Committees are grouped into 9 different clusters. CC1 and CC2 are mainly focused on theory whilst the others CC3 to CC9 derive their existence from a technology domain. CC1 is in the first instance about the analysis of signals and systems, CC2 considers the generic issues of synthesis. Each of the clusters is home to a number of specific Technical Committees.


Through the Technical Committees the IFAC harnesses and guides the volunteering effort of active researchers and practitioners in the broad field of control and automation. Over 2000 volunteers support the various IFAC activities. Each of the TCs help organize workshops and conferences, and in particular support the triennial IFAC World Congress.


Over each triennial cycle the IFAC supports workshops, 21 symposia and its flagship World Congress.