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Working Groups

TC 5.3 has multiple working groups. These working groups are where the primary activity of the TC occurs.

WG Structure

Four interest groups operate to support the particular objectives:

  1. Interest Group on Interplay Collaborative Networks (*Romero)
  2. Interest Group on Enterprise Modeling for Enterprise Integration and Networking (*Chen)
  3. Interest Group on Verification and Validation and Accreditation of Enterprise Models (*Chapurlat)
  4. Interest Group on Enterprise Knowledge Representation and Semantics (NEW**Sarraipa)


1) Interplay Collaborative Networks map needs and scenarios (person to person, person to machine, etc.)

objective: (apply Computers in Industry special issue concepts to working groups)

abstract: The Interest Group focuses on researching, developing and innovating different assisting means (concepts, methods, models and tools) to support the interplay between collaboration and competition of individuals, organizations and things in the Internet of Everything.

2) Enterprise Modeling for Enterprise Integration and Networking objective:

abstract: to develop enterprise modelling techniques (including frameworks, architectures, languages and models) to support

- enterprise integration and interoperability

- enterprise engineering and implementation

- enterprise model simulation and execution

The term 'enterprise' includes single enterprise and networked enterprise (extended, collaborative and virtual enterprise) covering both manufacturing and service activities.

Should cover design and operation phase

3) Creation and acceptance of business models for a full digital enterprise and full digital enterprises network - Objectives: This can consist on organising sessions in congresses and to propose and promote modelling, checking and simulation theories for studying the behaviour of complex organisations (Enterprise and Enterprises Networks).  

4) Enterprise Knowledge Representation and Semantics